Brand Spotlight: Dash & White with Kelsey Rasco

This “Brand Spotlight” episode is an outstanding interview with Dash & White founder Kelsey Rasco. Mike and Kelsey talk about the journey from this chaotic idea and/or loose concept, to wrangling in all the details, making this idea come alive, to now Dash & White the brand and retail destination in Fargo.


Kelsey’s business story – 0:58
Mike and Kelsey working together – 2:20
Kelsey’s background – 3:30
Having a brand that speaks for you – 3:57
The branding as the most important thing – 4:26
The biggest waste of money – 8:13
What is a brand brief? – 10:09
The journey of Dash & White – 16:04
Social media growing by the day – 22:32
Brand lovers – 26:01
Being authentic vs. sharing your entire life – 28:21
Creating your own brand guide – 31:31
Learning more about Dash & White – 37:10

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