Brand Spotlight: Limitless Network Marketing with Michaela Schell

This “Brand Spotlight” episode is an outstanding interview with Limitless founder, Michaela Schell. We talked about the journey from this chaotic idea and/or lose concept, to wrangling in all the details, making this idea come alive, to now Limitless the brand and the mission behind it all.


Michaela’s business and brand – 0:35
Marketing companies – 1:51
Networking companies and how they work – 3:15
The idea of building a brand – 3:53
When everything started – 7:00
How to make the first step – 11:21
The best piece of advice for listeners – 15:01
Formulating ideas for your brand – 19:09
Always think of your intention – 24:56
The Limitless Brand – 26:19
What step to take next – 28:39
What we can learn about Limitless – 29:40
A story about Limitless – 32:54
The idea of the podcast – 35:12
Think about what is right for your brand – 36:00
Forcing a company to rebrand – 38:31
Paying attention to other brands that you like – 44:33

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