Learn From The Best

Listen in as Mike and Cyberdogz writer, Katie Jenison, discuss the logic and thought process of finding those points of inspiration that connect to either the person or the brand. And how that inspiration can feed your motivation and keep you on the track of creating and maintaining something unique to your brand. Prepare to think differently!


People that inspire Mike – 1:29
Why he finds some people inspirational – 2:43
Talking about Steve Jobs – 6:06
Finding something that is unique to you – 8:12
Surround yourself with people that think the same as you – 8:42
Find different ways to be unique – 9:48
What makes them successful – 12:17
Having a unique vision – 18:24
Reading leadership books – 19:12
It is okay to fail – 23:49
Bigger brands – 28:54
Brands that teach – 34:48
Examples of good brand success – 39:50

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