Heather Leeds Greenfield (Founder & CEO of Element Brand Group)

Mike welcomes no stranger to BIG brands, Heather Leeds Greenfield. Heather and the company she founded (Element Brand Group) specialize in creating and executing focused brand strategies, media relations, influencer programs, partnerships, and activations with such mega-brands as Tiffany & Co., Netflix, Coca-Cola Company, Fendi, Peninsula Hotels, Christian Louboutin, Universal Music Group, and more. You don’t want to miss this one!


  • Heather’s background – 0:50
  • Her decision to start Element Brand Group – 3:06
  • Heather’s path – 6:11
  • Everybody loves having a brand associated with a celebrity – 8:32
  • How to handle the pandemic – 10:40
  • Developing social media campaigns – 12:15
  • The right team for the right job – 16:09
  • Branding is one of those terms that is often misunderstood – 19:25

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