Storyteller, Adventurer, and Idealist: Marc Gutman

Mike welcomes storyteller, adventurer, and idealist, Marc Gutman! A career that started with screenwriting with Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone to now helping brands outmaneuver their competition. This entrepreneur, speaker, and Instagram social media influencer is all about helping brands stand out and get noticed!


  • Prioritizing marketing efforts – 1:24
  • Brand vs. Marketing – 2:17
  • We need to slow down and ask more questions – 6:52
  • Sometimes it’s hard to know what a brand is – 8:14
  • The investment process – 13:17
  • The idea of investing in our brand – 15:38
  • Building your brand – 18:25
  • Marc’s journey – 23:50
  • Brand means business – 27:50

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