Good Work For Nice People (with Rob Watson)

Mike welcomes Rob Watson, Creative Director and co-founder of Raw, a studio in the UK that specializes in branding, print, digital design, and much more! Mike and Rob talk through the journey to where they are today, the importance of creative freedom, and the simple idea of “Good Work For Nice People”.


  • Who is Rob Watson? – 0:09
  • How Rob got started. – 0:32
  • The challenges that come with holding onto your guns. – 3:47
  • Changes and shifts he made that’s making him happy now. – 6:15
  • What Rob says whenever he speaks to students or designers. – 10:48
  • The start of the mantra “Good work for nice people.” – 19:44
  • Appreciation and freedom to do is some of the best currencies there are when it comes to getting the team on board or buy into your vision. – 25:29
  • The perception: You get in the hamster wheel and you do what you believe is the right thing, whether it is building your corporate career or starting a company. – 30:15
  • The key thing: Always be flexible and open to changing your ideas. – 33:16
  • Learning from the process of doing something. – 38:02

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