Grayt Media with Kenny Gray

Mike welcomes Kenny Gray, a digital marketing expert and owner of Grayt Media. Mike and Kenny talk through the realities and strategies behind Paid Ads and make them work for your brand and remain profitable over time. At its core, this episode is jam packed with experiences on content creation, increasing traffic, and building trust with clients. Don’t miss it!


  • Welcoming Kenny Gray – 0:33
  • What is Grayt Media?- 1:01
  • The traffic game: running companies from different angles – 2:50
  • Starting the paid-ads process – 7:18
  • Commitment to content – 12:56
  • Done is better than being perfect – 22:06
  • What is the managing expectations process like? – 24:19
  • Compounding efforts and consistency: building loyalty and trust with clients- 25:40
  • Finding the winning creative and audiences – 28:17
  • Helping clients understand the basics: transparency is the key – 33:51
  • Paying attention to consumer’s behavioral patterns – 41:11
  • Learn more about Kenny Gray and Grayt Media – 43:45

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