Handwrytten with David Wachs

Mike welcomes David Wachs, serial entrepreneur and creator of Handwrytten. Mike and David talk about not only how Handwrytten works, but how the perception of a handwritten note can leave a lasting impact on your customers and staff. Handwrytten is changing the way brands and people connect!


  • What is Handwrytten? – 0:12
  • How Handwrytten started. – 1:22
  • Letting the client understand how it works. – 3:54
  • The pricing of Handwrytten. – 9:32
  • What David finds is most attractive for clients. – 10:52
  • The onboarding process: How it looks like and what’s the timeframe? – 13:09
  • Does Handwrytten allow replicating a doodle? – 18:30

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