Chezy with Joe Tjosvold and Luke Steichen

Joe (Founder) and Luke (Director) from Chezy join the podcast to discuss the journey of creating the Chezy brand and their unique offering that fills a much-needed niche (and price point) within the marketing industry. Mike and the guys discuss the need for organizations to tell their stories and the reality that video production prices are only going higher and higher. Chezy was founded to solve this problem by creating high-quality video content at affordable rates. Enjoy!


  • Welcoming Joe and Luke – 0:48
  • What is Chezy? – 1:44
  • The impact of Chezy rollout: a fun and modern brand – 3:05
  • The brand creation process – 6:36
  • Are you going back to redo it again?: The importance of having the Clapper – 9:00
  • How to collectively perceive a brand and take away all the pressure from it – 11:32
  • Nightmare of being too descriptive with your brand name – 14:42
  • The value and impact behind Chezy: media marketing as an expensive industry – 16:17
  • High quality, affordable pricing and the trade secrets in post-production – 20:07

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