Putting the Brand Back Together – Part 1

Building a brand has become something of a cliché. When it comes to building a brand, most people think it’s as simple as creating a logo. The reality is, constructing a successful brand is more than just aesthetics or a catchy tagline. In fact, the branding process starts long before designing a logo — and in some cases, even before picking a name. If you’ve got the branding itch, prepare to learn the basic elements of building a brand from scratch!

It Starts Behind the Scenes

To build a successful brand, you have to be willing to dig in and do some research on what you want your brand to stand for. Is it glamorous? Maybe not. But the information and reasoning you gather during the research stage are essential to building a solid foundation for your brand. The deeper you dig, the easier it is to identify the heart of your brand; WHO you serve and WHY, how your brand is DIFFERENT, and your VISION for the future.

1. Define Your Target Audience

To create a successful brand, you need to know WHO you serve and who you’re targeting. Your brand vision and target audience should work together harmoniously and be at the forefront of every branding decision you make going forward.

2. Identify Your Competition.

Market research is a must! Knowing who your competition is, who they serve, and how they market themselves will help you develop your brand not only from a competition standpoint, but from an observation perspective. Learn what they’re doing that works AND learn from their mistakes.

3. Determine Where Your Brand Currently Stands

Examining where your brand is NOW, provides a benchmark for growth and can help you define your goals and vision for the future. That said, understand that even a brand that is young and just starting out can look every bit as established as the big dogz. Don’t sell yourself short just because you’re the smallest pup at the bowl.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be in a great spot when it’s time to develop the rest of your brand. From defining your brand story to creating your visual brand, these behind the scenes elements will play a part in the decision-making process. The best part? We’re walking you through each step so head on over to part two of Putting the Brand Back Together! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Cyberdogz team if you need help establishing the foundation of your brand.