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"They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same." - Kurt Cobain

There are A LOT of blogz out there that cover each and every opinion available on all facets of design, branding, and marketing. Some are very well done and there is great content available all over the internet. However, our goal is to sink our teeth into the meaty topics that others avoid. We're committed to tearing into the unfiltered realities and perspectives behind these same topics. Where do we get our ideas? Simple. We get them from the questions and conversations that come directly from our loyal customers and brand lovers. Once we pick up the scent on a trending topic, our ears perk up and we're on the hunt for the answers you need!

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Omni-Channel Customer Experience: 5 Inspiring Examples

In this digital age, businesses can no longer afford to have a one-sided conversation with their customers. Today's consumers are everywhere—browsing online stores, posting on social media, and shopping in ...
Brand Buidling Strategies

Purpose-Driven Marketing & Mission-Driven Marketing: How To Do Them Right?

Have you ever heard of the coffee company "GreenBeans?" Their mission was clear from the beginning: to protect the environment while providing consumers with the best cup of coffee. They ...
A smiling woman satisfied with a service

What Is an Optimized Customer Experience & How to Master It?

Imagine a clothing shop selling trendy and affordable items for men and women, but the store is often dirty, and the staff can be unfriendly sometimes. Even if their products ...
Brand storytelling in progress

How to Create Your Successful Brand Narrative (with Powerful Examples of Brand Storytelling to Inspire You)

Storytelling interests people. In fact, we often empathize with the characters we encounter in stories and somehow feel a connection. That's why many brands use this marketing strategy to make ...
Customer journey map

7 Ways To Deliver A Highly Personalized E-Commerce Customer Journey

Out of 7.9 billion people worldwide, statistics show that 2.14 billion or 27% of these people shop online. This is even expected to grow with how the internet easily allows ...
Satisfied customer

The Power of Personalization: How to Create a Customer-Centric Brand

According to Statistica, almost 283 billion spam emails were sent to people between October 2020 and September 2021. On average, that’s 21 spam emails per person daily. Do businesses think ...
User Experience Design

13 Great Tips to Improve User Experience

As business owners, your website is a virtual shop window that impacts your first impression on potential customers. Ensuring visitors have the best possible experience while on your site could ...
Brand photography - photo editing process

Why Is Photography More Important for Brands Than Ever Before?

Photography is one of the most important tools for building a strong brand in today's digital world. From engaging social media posts to inspiring website galleries, professional photography captures the ...
social media marketing kpis

What Are The Important Social Media KPIs to Measure a Brand’s Success?

Nowadays, having a strong presence on social media is one of the essential components of success for any business. These platforms can reach and engage with customers, build relationships, drive ...
Building a brand meeting

How Long Does It Take to Build a Brand?

Branding is integral to any business, and creating a successful brand takes time, dedication, and effort. But the question is, "how long does it take to build a brand?" The ...