Putting the Brand Back Together – Part 2

In part one of Putting the Brand Back Together, we covered the brand building aspects that start behind the scenes: defining your target audience, identifying your competition, and determining where your brand currently stands. Mastering each of these elements has set the foundation for the rest of your brand. Curious what the next steps are? Check them out below!

Develop YOUR Brand Identity!

A brand identity isn’t just a brand name; it’s a combination of your brand’s purpose, how it is positioned, subliminal cues, and the story it all tells. The goal is to create a cohesive, well-defined brand identity that can’t necessarily be explained, but just works. This makes it easier for your audience to understand and connect with your brand without thinking about it. Every aspect of your brand’s purpose, goals, values, and target audience should be clear and intentional from the start. But, don’t overthink it! Brands are meant to evolve and change over time.

What Makes YOUR Brand Different?

To stand out in any market, you need to break through the white noise and figure out what sets your brand apart from competitors. What makes your product or service unique? What problem does it solve? The thing that makes your brand different from your competitors will be the driving force behind your brand — don’t be afraid to own it! From your brand story to your marketing strategy, this pivot point will keep you from barking up the wrong tree as you move forward.

Get Creative!

With the foundational elements in place and background of your brand complete, it’s time to get creative. Yep, it’s FINALLY time to get to the fun part of building a brand! This is where everything finally starts to come together in a tangible way by translating your brand identity into its visual form.

The visual elements should tell the story of the brand and should be:

  • Distinct
  • Memorable
  • Cohesive
  • Meaningful

The logo, brand colors, and tagline are the first impression your brand makes on an audience. Many would say that they should understand WHO and WHAT your brand is all about with just one glance. They also say every element should reflect your brand values and mission while resonating with the audience you want to attract. These are certainly all great points and factors in creating a brand but remember that all those factors need to gel with YOU and the vision of the brand. Don’t be afraid to bend the rules when necessary… it’s YOUR brand.

Time to Take Center Stage!

With the visual components finalized, you can begin connecting the dots of your brand. This stage includes developing a website, creating business cards, any print collateral you might need, and most importantly, implementing a marketing strategy.

Each component you utilize will help to position and support your brand, therefore connecting with your audience. At this stage and as the steward of YOUR brand, consistency is key! The look, the feel, colors, fonts, the overall tone of your message needs to match all the logic and work that you’ve invested in making this brand come to life. This responsibility is on YOU!

Need help building your brand? The Cyberdogz team has got you covered! With a diverse range of skills, our team has the expertise to help you tell your brand story. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you put your BEST foot forward!