The Buyers Journey with Chris Troka

In this enlightening episode of the Brand Retro Podcast, we’re excited to welcome Chris Troka, entrepreneur, DJ, and founder of Focused-Biz, as we dive deep into the buyer’s journey and explore the power of transparency in business. Chris brings a wealth of experience and unique insights, sharing captivating client stories and essential strategies for understanding customer motivations. We cover everything from A to Z, discussing the crucial steps for starting and growing your own business. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, this episode is packed with practical advice and real-world wisdom. Join us as Chris Troka reveals how clear communication and honest interactions can transform your business approach and lead to lasting success.

Who’s the Guest?
Chris Troka, entrepreneur, DJ, and founder of Focused-Biz, is a seasoned entrepreneur and business innovator with over ten years of expertise in creating, enhancing, and propelling businesses forward. Chris brings a wealth of knowledge in utilizing cutting-edge digital tools such as AI, automation, CRM, and social media to optimize business operations and marketing strategies. Chris holds certifications from HubSpot and Google in inbound marketing, social media, and Google My Business, and earned his Marketing Degree in 2021.

00:19 – Discussing the buyer’s journey
01:01 – Importance of reducing friction in the buyer’s journey
03:30 – Example of DJ business failures and subsequent learnings
04:39 – Building relationships over making hard sells
06:00 – The balance in the sales and onboarding process
09:50 – Recommendations and guiding clients, not giving too many options
12:00 – Client feedback process and ongoing communication
13:20 – Protecting yourself against client dissatisfaction
17:56 – The necessity of “hearing” clients for successful projects
23:39 – Advice for entrepreneurs: start by building relationships and taking action
25:45 – Importance of saying no to potential clients that aren’t a good fit
32:59 – Niche specialization and focusing on profitable areas

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